Hera Jane is the story of Anne Charlotte, a young Caribbean woman with Parisian influences.

After studying fashion in Paris, and living a nomadic life for a few years, Anne Charlotte dumps her suitcases in Paris, determined to devote herself to a growing passion, namely the creation of jewelry.

She pencils sketches on her notebooks that soon turn into her first collection.

She draws her inspiration from travels, history, symbolism.

“A born nomad, interested in discovering different places”


These collections are designed like contemporary talismans (charms), or powerful totems, whose roughness and hammering are thoroughly planned down to the smallest details.

Hera Jane creations draw their uniqueness from their duality and strength.

They are made in France and stem from the best French know-how.

Made of vermeil solid silver coated with 5 microns of 24 carat gold.

Strongly represented in its creations, rock-crystal, which is known for its ability to absorb negativity, is one of its signatures.

Jewels made to last a lifetime and be transmitted.