Passionate about spirituality and lithotherapy, Anne Charlotte will introduce you to crystals vibrations.

She is willing to share with you her daily values, her « joie de vivre », but also her passion about well-being : « It’s about time to take care of the most important person in your life, YOU. »

I would like every « being » to be able to acknowledge their potential, beauty, magic and yearn for an authentic life, in connection with themselves and the universe.

« I am spiritual, connected, expressive, loved, strong, creative and rooted…these are the key words to a life filled with serenity. »


Love, Tenderness, Benevolence

Heart and ultimate love stone.

It will comfort you when your life lacks tenderness.

It will boost your self-confidence and faith in life when you feel lonely.

It will soften your personality to help you embody your beautiful feminine traits.

It will attract good people, those you will get along with.

It will strengthen your positive affirmations and intentions, to help you move into a lighter, softer phase of your life.

It is meant for you if… You want to develop love for yourself and for others – You want to see beauty in life – You are willing to forgive and accept yourself.

Symbolic Oracle: « Love is the only answer to get rid of fears and doubts. »

Purification: Water or Fumigation


Amplification, purification, balance

Rock crystal purifies and clarifies; it soothes your mind and your thoughts to ease your spiritual and energetic work.

It absorbs negative energies and radiates good energies when you wish to diffuse new intentions.

It is meant for you if… You want to free yourself from overwhelming emotions – You want to harmonize your energies – You are undergoing an energetic care.

Symbolic Oracle: « You can choose to let go all what you no longer need. »

Purification: Water or fumigation


Purification: Water or fumigation


Peace, Spirituality, Wisdom

It helps you improve your emotional control and appeases you.

It soothes your mind and swirling thoughts.

It assuages your anxiety when you imagine disaster scenarios.

It connects you back to your heart, this peaceful and quiet space, for your greater benefit.

It accompanies you in your meditations and spiritual practices, helps you dive in your inner shrine, in search of your light.

It is meant for your if … You are going through an intense mental activity – You tend to be overwhelmed by emotions – You are willing to develop your inner wisdom.

Symbolic Oracle: « Serenity is an inner state that you will not be able to find outside of yourself. »

Purification: Water or Fumigation


Creativity, Motivation, Faith

Aventurine is The ultimate heart stone that encourages self-belief and dreams.

It enhances compassion, gratitude, and altruism. Thus, you will look at the world differently.

It is meant for your if …You are launching new projects – You need to develop self-confidence – You wish to further develop self-esteem.

Symbolic Oracle: « Yours fears are the only obstacles between your aspirations and you. Overcome them. »

Purification (Cleansing): Water or fumigation


Creativity, confidence, femininity

Cornelian represents femininity in all its power and beauty.

It reestablishes your natural vitality and boosts your energy.

This abundance stone will be a muse to you, and your best daily trouble-shooter.

Also, it dissipates anger, jealousy, and envy.

It is meant for your if… If you want to further develop your femininity – You want to restore your self-confidence – You want to boost your creativity.

Symbolic Oracle: « Address a challenge with creativity and originality to find a new point of view.”

Purification: Water or fumigation


Transformation, Truth, Faith

Faith and transformation stone.

It enhances your intuition, while balancing your spiritual ego.

This truth stone will make you more honest, righteous, and fair, while enhancing your light (shine?) and your compassion.

It keeps away cruelty, toxic relationship, and narcissistic perversion if these tend to prevail in your daily routine.

It develops speech skills and memory and improves your public speaking.

It is meant for you if… You want to develop your intuition – You need to boost your memory – You must face and deal with difficult situations.

Symbolic Oracle: « Your intuition knows what is good for you, it’s about time you listen to it ».

Purification: Fumigation


Sustainability, Strength, Quietness

It provides daily protection from unwelcome shadows and energies.

It frees you from your beliefs and negative routines to help you become autonomous.

It empowers you so that you will never let somebody take power over you.

It helps you focus and alignment awareness.

It is meant for you if…You want to terminate a toxic relationship – You want to work on your past lives – You want to be able to control your secrets and thoughts.

Symbolic Oracle: « A bad habit should always be replaced by a good one. »

Purification: Water or fumigation


White sage is a holy plant used in many purification (cleansing) rituals.

White sage smoke is used to remove negative energies from places, objects, or individuals.

Its energy contains a strong cleansing power and attracts positive energies also.


The (Holy wood) Palo Santo sticks help purify your surroundings and your mind.

This South America natural incense inspires peace and harmony.

This holy wood fosters relaxation and meditation.